Here at Red Cross Nordic we are always keen to support young professionals embarking on teaching careers. Our students, with their energy and enthusiasm provide a perfect practice ground to reflect on the mission of teaching. For the last six weeks we have had with us Loredana Stroe, as a volunteer and Math teacher trainee. Loredana comes from Romania, she moved to Italy at 15, where she has proved herself to be a brilliant mathematician and she has just got a Masters degree in Mathematics from Torino University.

RCN was her first teaching experience but from the beginning she has tried her best to learn from the other more experienced teachers, attending their lessons and assisting them in their classes. She has worked mainly with our Foundation Programme students, supporting them in developing their Maths and communication skills, establishing with them a rich and fruitful relationship. We have also made good use of her excellent Math knowledge: she has taught some Higher Level classes, she joined our Mathletes in a team competition and she gave us a talk on probability, calculus and finance.

It has been a very intense period for her, and she says: “I’ve met amazing new people and had a fantastic time. And it was a wonderful way to experience teaching in such a challenging and stimulating environment.”

Thank you, Loredana, for your contribution and good luck for your future career!

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