On Thursday the Minister of Health, Bent Høie, visited our campus at Haugland with a delegation from Fjaler and Sogn og Fjordane Høyre. He showed a real interest in the operation of both the Rehabilitation Centre and our College. Mr Høie fully endorsed the focus on the resourcefulness of every person as something that unites the two institutions within health and education. A central topic for the visit was the future for the most advanced rehabilitation centres in Norway during the ongoing health reforms. The Minister also got an insight into our joint project with the Red Cross – Survivors of Conflict – where the participants are fully involved with our educational programmes and also receive support to help them become fully enabled.

Current participants Mean Pring (Cambodia) and Sara Al-Husaynat (Iraq) spoke about their experiences for the Minister and also for local MP Bjørn Lødemel, who has been an active supporter of the project. Mean and Sara said that they find their classes rewarding and challenging, and told about how they are engaged in more informal learning situations. The visit as a whole was arranged by the Conservative Party (Høyre) in Fjaler.