MUN 2016 - in the General Assembly

MUN 2016 – in the General Assembly

The three-day conference began on Saturday 30th January and ended on Monday 1st of February, taking place immediately after the Red Cross First Aid PBL. Model United Nations is a simulation that adopts the way that the UN itself functions and aims to make students aware of the world’s most important trending global issues and problems. In this years MUN, we had six different committees tackling current global issues. The stimulating and engaging topics had delegates debating these global issues amongst each another.

During the MUN weekend, the conference was honoured by a visit from a former UN Assistant Secretary General, Hans Von Sponeck – a man who has been in the UN for over 32 years and has been involved in numerous negotiations during his time. He opened the conference on Saturday morning with a speech discussing the need for action, and encouraging the youth to become informed – to sift through the wealth of available information and be able to recognise and use reliable facts and data. This was a way of urging individuals to develop an inquisitiveness which stimulates questioning and to not settle for mediocrity.

The MUN team was led by second years: the security team was under Edwina Bezuidenhoudt (Namibia) and the press team was led by Anna Kwok (Hong Kong). This is not to forget the twelve chairs who directed and conducted debates in their individual committees. The weekend was a challenging one as it required the delegates to be thinking on their feet – especially when they needed to respond to the emergency crisis that the organising team weaved in to the weekend events in order to encourage independent and quick thinking in wrapping up a resolution. This included a special crisis meeting on Monday morning which required some of the delegates having to be woken up at 5am, as they went back in time to the 9/11 twin tower bombing scenario in the USA. The delegates did an outstanding job resulting in Adrian Sidhu (UK) being recognised as the best speaker for this crisis committee.

We finally had the General Assembly discussing the threat of ISIL on the global community. This led to debates and drafted resolutions from some weary and thoroughly exhausted delegates. With a two-thirds majority, the General Assembly was adjourned and this led to the presentation of certificates. Having been donated by Hans Von Sponeck, the best speakers from each committee won themselves a fresh copy of the UN Charter! The General Assembly’s best speaker was recognised as Elliot James (UK) who throughout the course of the sessions confidently spoke up and articulately argued for his positions as a delegate of his country.

The conference was successful. Special mention must go to Global Politics teacher Narender Dalal who gave great input to the events and their preparation. A lot of hard work from many individuals helps to explain this MUN’s success. It all went smoothly and hopefully was a memorable weekend for the first years.

Blessing Chirimbani (RCN ’14-’16)
Secretary General 2016