An eager, enthusiastic, intrepid (and somewhat unsuspecting) team assembled for this year’s “Neil Davis Memorial Friluftsliv” snowcaving trip in Gaularfjell: after 3.5 hrs of sweaty excavating and shovelling in a soft drizzle, a superbly cosy cave emerged complete with sheltered entrance-cooking area. The cuisine included deeply-appreciated and relished porridge & raisins (Dutch & Italian members, rather bizarrely, adding chocolate powder), tomato soup-couscous & noodles and a South African specialty beverage (rooibos) sharing spoons, bowls and cups as required. A Dane (who could ski) usefully carried the day-pack on a trip up the valley, and a Tibetan demonstrated that yoga-induced flexibility enabled an innovative skiing style. A skiing highlight was an evening trip in almost full-moon and almost cloud-free sub-zero conditions; we also enjoyed seeing groups of ptarmigan at home – as we tried to be – in this magnificently bleak colour-free wintery environment.

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