On Tuesday evening there was a rare opportunity for students to learn about the whole process of human birthing from an experienced midwife, lecturer, former staff member. Hilary Hamper came to RCN as our first nurse, a job she had for fourteen years. Before coming to Norwa,y she has been a midwife for many years. So it became a tradition, when the reproduction, pregnancy and , development are covered in Biology to invite Hilary for an evening plenary session. Without exception, it has been a jaw-dropping presentation absorbed by undivided attention (by some non-biology students, too) – especially Hilary’s iconic sock & doll birth demo. Some explicit videos were shown, too. One thing was sure – nobody was bored, and the questions were shooting incessantly for an hour and a half. Thank you Hilary, again, for an inspiring input on the process we all went through – and forgot about.

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