The diggers have started work!

We are delighted to report that the building work for our new Centre for Visitors, UWC Connect, has started. The digger has already made substantial changes to the terrain on the south side of Iceland and Sweden Houses. Over the past week, the tranquility of the campus here at RCN has been occasionally interrupted with controlled explosions as the workmen have levelled out the rock formations in the building area. Some of our teachers involved in climbing are delighted to see how the work done has created a new arena for bouldering, as new rocky challenges have been uncovered.

The Centre will be used for Leirskule visitors and Red Cross Summer Camps and gives us completely new possibilities to welcome other visitors as part of our task to use education as a uniting force. We hope that the first building will be ready to receive visitors in Spring 2015. We are also looking to expand our summer programme with camps for Roma students from Hungary, UWC short courses, and differently-abled students sponsored by the Norwegian Lions’ Club.

Our patron, Her Majesty Queen Sonja will be visiting the College at the beginning of April and will be laying the foundation stone.