Congratulations to Jakob Oftebro, a Norwegian actor, who won (and received yesterday) the 2015 Nordic Languages Prize – coordinated by Foreningen Norden (the Nordic Association). He has played parts in two outstanding Norwegian films – ‘Max Manus: Man of War’ (2008) and the the Oscar-nominated epic ‘Kon-Tiki’. (2012) – and other Nordic productions including the Swedish film ‘The Hidden Child’ (2013) and the Danish series, ‘1864’ (2014) and ‘The Bridge’. Oftebro received this year’s prize for his passionate commitment to Nordic languages and cultural integration. He is renowned as a versatile actor experimenting with and reproducing different Scandinavian dialects.

In an interview, Oftebro commented: ‘We are so similar, yet so different up here in the Nordic countries – and we have a lot to learn from each other’. He is ambassador for education and advocates that all teachers should take a one year exchange to a neighbouring Scandinavian country early in his / her career.

Foreningen Norden and its General Secretary (AC alumnus and RCN Deputy Board member) are greater supporters of the Scandinavian Languages Programme at RCN.

For further information on this year’s prize: click here.