Our alumni are a great resource for us. We are delighted to receive many visits from them and also stay in touch and hear how they, in various ways, live the mission. One of these is Pawel Urbanski, from Poland, who recently came as a guest speaker at the World Today event. His presentation was on what it is like to lose your sight and how it may seem like there is nothing you can do. Some of Pawel’s answers to this was to climb the Seven Summits, run a business and keep reinventing himself . The main theme of the presentation was how to maximize your potential,stay ambitious and at the same time understand and work within your limits and abilities. Students learned about Pawel’s quest of climbing the Seven Summits as a blind person, start new projects and do it with meaning and purpose.  He gave the example of taking decisions when everything seems to be unknown, with examples from his first expedition to mount Aconcagua. He gave perspectives on how to deal with failure and to prevent wasting personal energy and motivation and then moved on to the value of accomplishment, telling the story of his quest of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Almost 15 years after graduating from RCN, Pawel stresses that 2 years in Norway gave him a background to be entrepreneurial and ambitious, but also to care with empathy for people around him. In the true spirit of Kurt Hahn. “There is more in you than you think.”

He can be found here.

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