Professor Geir Lundestad

It was a pleasure to welcome Professor Geir Lundestad (formerly Director of the Nobel Peace Institute and Secretary to the Nobel Committee) to UWC RCN today as part of our celebration of the official opening of the college twenty years ago on the 30th September 1995.

Professor Lundestad’s programme included: meeting the Mayor of Fjaler and Inger Johanne Osland (Director of the Rehabilitation Centre); attending an IB Global Politics class; lunch with second year IB Philosophy students; the delivery of his lecture on ‘What can the Nobel Peace Prize achieve?’; and a book signing at the College and at the local bookshop in Dale.

For Larry’s introduction to the Constitution Lecture, the Nobel Institute in Oslo, the partnership between the College and the Peace Prize, and Professor  Lundestad, please click here. Professor Lundestad’s presentation covered many issues – from (re)interpretation of Alfred Nobel’s will to changing definitions of peace over time, from notable omissions in the laureate list to stimulating insights into the global politics. Professor Lundestad started his presentation by saying to the students: ‘Count your blessings: go on to make important contributions’ – and came back to this message at the end. A fitting message for our students, given UWC’s mission and on the anniversary of RCN’s opening twenty years ago.