This weekend we held the Psycho-social first aid course for 20 interested students. The course is a part of our Red Cross Diploma and was led by Anita Nelissen Leirvåg. It went into depth about how people react in a crisis and emergency, as well as giving knowledge of how to deal with that person. The course also lets the students talk about their experiences with crisis and how people around them have reacted, and was followed by a discussion. They also practiced what it is like to have someone not interested in listening and then the difference when they are actively listening. One lesson was that you don’t need to be an expert to help people: by just being there and talking to someone, it can help them. Beyond this, it is important to know how you can obtain further help, if needed. The course is not only about to act in big crises but also about how to act and talk with people in your daily life.

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