Nine students from the Knights EAC went to Ridderdagene with staff members Josh, Jenny and Hilde. Ridderdagene is a big, yearly event where activities are made accessible for people with disabilities. There was a bicycle race, climbing (with a blind instructor), horse riding, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, an obstacle course among other activities.

The RCN team helped with many practical tasks such as setting up the camp, running the information desk, serving food, repairing bikes and handing out medals.

First year student Sreythai took part in the bicycle race with Hari as her guide while second year student Steinar was Anne-Mette Bredahl’s tandem bike guide when she biked 40 km. Anne-Mette is blind and has won several Paralympic medals.

We had three active and fun days in the spirit of Erling Stordahl, the founder of Ridderrennet. After he became blind, Erling Stordahl said “We all wander in darkness. Some because they cannot see with their eyes, some because they don’t see with their thoughts. Most of us because we cannot see each other.”

More information is found on the Ridderdagene web page and facebook page.

For an album of photos from the event, see here.