Balder Morsund (second year) attended the annual meeting of the Norwegian Red Cross Youth in week 43 and represented RCN, given our ongoing partnership with the Red Cross. He reports back:

The annual meeting of the Norwegian Red Cross Youth was both inspiring and very interesting. The main topics of discussion were physical health for youth, the immigration situation in Europe and urging Norway to take greater responsibility – as well as discussing the climate crisis from a humanitarian perspective, cutting emissions to avoid disasters and ultimately save lives. An important point for me then was that right now there are 4 to 15 times more refugees running from climate change than from war, and that this number will increase exponentially as we let our planet heat up.

Another main point discussed was also to grow tighter bonds with the rest of Norwegian Red Cross movement to do more activities together and thereby strengthen our impact in our local communities.

It was all in all a highly enjoyable event where young Red Cross-ers from all over the country got together, decided the path for the year to come as well as socializing and getting inspired by each other.