One of the advisors with her group of advisees. They are all smiling because they just had cake!

UWC Red Cross Nordic has a team of 22 Advisors, most of whom are teachers at the College. Each Advisor is responsible for ten students, both first and second years, within the same House. An Advisor provides personal and academic support and helps students to balance their programme whilst accompanying his / her advisees on the two-year RCN  journey. The Advisor / Advisee group meets at least once a fortnight and provides a supportive infrastructure and forum for shared experiences and discussion.

A student voice

Classes here can be very demanding. But what separates UWC the most from other school systems is not the amount of homework or the pace of the class, but being in a school with people completely different from oneself. Talking to other students about their culture is very different from simply reading about it in a book at school at home. That is to me what makes UWC something special.