House Mentors

A student show. A lot of laughter and enthusiasm.

The House Mentor is responsible for the smooth running of the House – and helps to organise events during the course of the academic year.

In the residential life of the College, where many nationalities mix, the House Mentors play a vitally important role. There is a House Mentor responsible for each House in the Student Village. First and foremost, they aim to deliver a high level of pastoral support to students in line with the College’s aims and context as a residential College. The House Mentor gives individual and group support and they also lead a team of four Advisors and together they support the welfare of the students.


A student voice

Classes here can be very demanding. But what separates UWC the most from other school systems is not the amount of homework or the pace of the class, but being in a school with people completely different from oneself. Talking to other students about their culture is very different from simply reading about it in a book at school at home. That is to me what makes UWC something special.