On Friday 25th October, the College will be participating in an educational conference and cultural event at the Bergen International Week Week under the title, ‘Go Roma with Us!’

The schedule for the day will be as follows:

Introduction by:

  • UWC Red Cross Nordic – Marcin Mateusz Jerzewski
  • Romaversitas (Hungary) – Gábor Daróczi
  • Never Give Up Foundation (Hungary) – Veronika Kara
  • EEA GRANT/SIU Bergen – Veena Gill
  • EYSEA – Robert Bergsvik

Panel debate:moderated by Arne Osland (UWC RCN)

  • Røde Kors Bergen
  • Bergen Kommune
  • Rafto Foundation

Exhibition of Hungarian Roma children’s paintings
Realpearl Foundation

Music Event (Snétberger Music Talent Center for young Hungarian Roma musicians)

Cold buffet tables with Roma style food

Home! Campaign by Amnesty International and UWC Red Cross Nordic
Making a stand against evictions of Roma people in Europe and the breach of their right to housing shelter. Design a house-shaped postcard and write a message to the European Commission, supporting equality and rights for the Roma.


Sponsors of the events