It was an honour to attend this year’s 11th Annual Conference of the SANMUN (Skagerak and Nesbru Model United Nations). This MUN happens to be the largest in Scandinavia – Norway through a joint cooperation with Skagerak International School and Nesbru vidergaende skole who organizes this event annually. Many schools from around Norway attend this event with some schools even flying from other Scandinavian countries to attend the conference, to work together in stimulating mind-opening debates and to explore lasting solutions to problems around the world.

From the 8th to the 9th of November 2014, three representatives from UWC RCN attended the conference representing the country of Australia at Nesbru School in Oslo. Members of the delegation were appointed to different committees to discuss issues of importance that are currently stirring debate around the world. This year the main geographic area of focus in each committee was Asia. Therefore the issues at hand included those of major concern regarding this continent – from  cyber warfare to an in-depth examination of the management of natural disasters. The sessions were long and tiring but proved to be very worthwhile. The debating was intense but resolutions were put across –  some were denied, some accepted  – and yet it was all leading to the best solution to the situations at hand.

The United Nations simulation is an insight into how the UN tackles issues affecting  different countries and regions of the world. It is a great opportunity for students to become delegates themselves and deal with the pressure of drafting a resolution that will pass whilst keeping in mind their countries’ interests. It is a stimulating event which, while resulting in exhaustion of the mind also requires maintaining a high level of alertness about what is happening around the world.

The delegation were excellent representatives of the College with Blessing Chirimbani getting the special mention of being the best speaker in the Environment Commission representing Australia.  Indeed the MUN for the RCN delegates of Australia was an educating and awesome experience. It was a chance to mingle with other students from the other parts of Scandinavia and it was definitely a fruitful experience.

Blessing Chirimbani,
On behalf of the RCN MUN delegation (Justina Cizinauskaite and Rachel Leung)