On the weekend of 4th to 5th of November, a delegation of UWC RCN students attended the SANMUN (Sandefjord and Nesbru Model United Nations) Conference in Sandefjord. In this simulation, the following RCN students represented France in various committees: Ayanda (Cayman Islands), Brodi (Sweden), Hrafnhildur (Norway) and Htet Htet (Myanmar). On behalf of the team, Htet Htet shares this video for an impression of the conference and Hrafnhildur offers her reflections:

At 0500 in the morning Friday the 3rd of November we were four very tired second year students that were ready to go. We were going to Sandefjord Model United Nations, a MUN conference hosted around two hours outside Oslo by a Norwegian IB school. Even though we really appreciated getting fast food during our stop in Oslo, it was very nice to arrive in Sandefjord after a long day of travelling. We were placed with host families with students from the local school, and they were very welcoming and took great care of us. A big thanks to them for making us feel so at home! The conference started with some interesting guest speakers after which we moved into our respective committees. We were representing France in DISEC, UNEP, SOCHUM and UNHRC discussing topics ranging from clearing the oceans of trash, to immigration policies and nuclear disarmament. Even though the format was unfamiliar to all of us, we learned a lot from debating and discussing outside the safety and familiarity of UWC RCN. It was a great chance to interact with local Norwegian youth and to see another part of Norway. We had a great time, and at the end we had a General Assembly with all participants. The resolution that Brodi submitted passed, and Ayanda was awarded best speaker of UNEP. A great conclusion to the conference!

After the team returned to campus, the SANMUN director contacted UWC RCN to say, “…your students were superb!!! They did a wonderful job and they were role models to ours. We have a few of ours that are so inspired by your students that they would be interested to find out about possibilities to attend your MUN conference”.

Many thanks to Ayanda, Brodi, Hrafnhildur and Htet Htet for their great contributions!