We were happy to welcome Sarina Tahitu to the College as a teaching intern in April. She came to us as a student teacher from the World Teachers Training Programme at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. Before doing her educational master, she graduated in cultural anthropology and development sociology. With a particular interest in Development Studies and Theory of Knowledge, while she was with us she observed, and then led lessons at the College, as well as participating in a wide range of extra-academic activities. These are some of her reflections:

In Dutch there is a saying, which captures my overall experience here: ‘Kort, maar krachtig!’ It literally means “short, but powerful” or more freely translated “short, but sweet.” My month at RCN UWC has been a blast and I’ve learned a great deal through the conversations I’ve had, the connections I’ve gained and the classes I taught and observed. I have come to love the openness and freedom of the place and its people. I’ve always had an interest in finding out and understanding what makes others tick, and my anthropological heart revelled in working with students and colleagues with so many different cultural backgrounds. I was truly inspired and touched by many during my stay at the College, and I learned a lot about myself as well – as a teacher and as a person in general. I believe RCN is unique and has a huge power and potential for helping future generations learn and understand that diversity is a good thing, rather than something to be feared. Thank you to all who made my stay so very special, to those who invited me along, who made me laugh and who were generous with their time and stories. It was an honour!