In 2013 and 2014, Shelby Davis has kindly offered scholarships to students from each United World College to attend a Semester at Sea voyage. Åse (Norway) was the first UWC RCN recipient of the award with Frida (Denmark)and Emma (The Netherlands) due to join a voyage in the forthcoming academic year. This summer, recent alumnus Johan (Norway) was invited to be an ‘interport’ guest speaker on the leg between Ireland and Norway. He reports:

On board for the summer voyage

On board

In July, I was given the opportunity to represent UWC Red Cross Nordic and Norway as an ‘interport’ student during Semester at Sea’s summer voyage. ‘Interport’ students are guest speakers who board the ship a few ports prior to their home countries, in order to prepare the students on the voyage about cultural and political aspects of the coming county. In my case, I flew from Oslo to join MV Explorer in Dublin, and spent the next nine days sailing back to Oslo through Bergen. During my stay, I participated in classes, joined on shore excursions, held presentations about UWC and Norway, as well as participated in activities on board. I disembarked in Oslo having met hundreds of people who were all eager to learn about the world around them. I have had discussions, debates, chats and even arguments with more people than I can recall, as well as having gained some very good friends.

Semester at Sea is a very unique experience, and I am very grateful for my chance to get a little understanding of the journey the students go through. In many ways, Semester at Sea shares the same ideals of cultural understanding and appreciation as UWC, and it was a gratifying experience seeing how the concept of a ‘World Citizen’ also can be so much more than what you can experience at UWC.

I am truly grateful to everyone who made me feel welcome during my stay- and I hope that other students will be able to experience the same as I have.

Johan Ludvig Holst, UWC Red Cross Nordic ‘14