Between 3rd to 5th March, Sogn og Fjordane Røde Kors ran a youth camp at Skilbrei for local volunteers and youth interested in the Red Cross. UWCRCN sent eight students, along with the EVS Red Cross Volunteer.

The idea of the camp was to gather like-minded young people to have fun and learn more about the Red Cross’ work. Over the three days the students were able to spend time with young people from the local area; learn more about the Red Cross in Norway, Colombia and Nepal; and take part in discussions about mental health, bullying, sexual health and sexuality.

The students took part in a wide range of workshops – one of these included ‘Stopp Volden’ which is a long-running project that has recently seen RCN students helping to design new workshops.

Here is some feedback from some of our students:

Fabiana (Bolivia): “I have learnt more about the situation of the Red Cross

[in] Colombia. Each story has touched my heart.”
Silvia(Costa Rica): “I really liked the navigation…my teammate and I were really lost at the beginning but at the end we got the hang of it and now I sort of know how to find points in a map and how to get to them with a compass.”
Anna (Denmark): “I got to meet some interesting people and I feel very inspired to become more engaged in Red Cross”.

The RCN students were tasked with creating and running the final day programmes, running team-building and cooperation games, with the one condition that it had to be fun!

We would like to say ‘Thank you’ to the Sogn of Fjordane Røde Kors for the invitation and we look forward to the next one!

Josh Macfarlane