It has been Staff Introduction Week at RCN this week – this is an opportunity for staff to learn about the activities that have been happening on campus over the course of June and July, for Support and Education Staff to reconnect after the summer break, and for professional development / training and for preparation for the beginning of the academic year.

After the Red Cross run Psycho-social First Aid Course

This year’s Staff Introduction Week has featured a ‘pot luck’ dinner, induction for new staff, meetings, presentations and discussions. Professional development included training in the following areas: the advisor role, the Norwegian Work Environment, communications with a special focus on email etiquette, a Psycho-Social First Aid Course run by the Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross, and Safety Net Training.

Our training has focused on a) creating a happy and supportive work environment for staff and b) improving the student experience on campus. Staff Introduction Week focuses on working together and community building – how best to support each other as we, in turn, seek to support the students in our care.

The training finished with a staff barbecue at the Høegh.

We look forward to welcoming the students back to campus this weekend.