Stop Human TraffickingStop Human Trafficking Project Week was dedicated to active Human Rights campaigning. We started by studying cases of Human Rights violations in the countries of the participants: Ecuador, Bangladesh, Georgia, Western Sahara, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Niger, Russia, Armenia and Iceland. There were many personal stories and much engaging debate, often finishing with “…but what we can do to stop these violations?

This was not a rhetorical question. We followed up with a workshop offered by the RAFTO foundation in Bergen on “Modern Slavery”. We then turned to campaign preparations making posters and other visual material for the final Action in cooperation with the A21 organisation. We prepared a street action in Førde, the “March for Freedom”, with a flash mob attracting attention on the issue of Human Trafficking. At the happening we read the Declaration of the 21st century Abolishment Movement and shared information about modern slavery.

We gathered over 60 participants and apart from being totally wet due to the torrential rainfall, we managed to spread awareness of the Human Trafficking issue.
Stop Human Trafficking