Monday, 17 August marked both an end and a beginning for the students who took part in the summer English course at RCN. A group of about 20 students arrived three weeks early to campus in order to begin studying English and familiarizing themselves with the campus before the majority of students arrived. The summer course students spent each morning in class practicing English, working on group projects and learning more about RCN as well as about each other. Outside the classroom, the students took part in a variety of activities, such as kayaking, hiking (including an overnight trip to the lavoo!), archery, drawing, low ropes, and many many more. One weekend everyone went to the Norwegian Glacier museum, while the next weekend we visited the Millstone Park in Hyllestad, where we learned to carve soapstone and make our own bread. To top it all off we spent our final weekend on the island of Værlandet, celebrating the progress all the students had made, and the new friendships which had formed. While the end of the summer course brought a few goodbyes, everyone is grateful for the three weeks together and excited for the new year at RCN.

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