Welcoming Svein SæterThis afternoon we had the wonderful opportunity to listen to a lecture presented by the Norwegian writer and journalist Svein Sæter. Sæter is currently travelling to different parts of Norway as part of “Den kulturelle Skulesekken” / “The Cultural Schoolbag” and his presence at the school is thanks to the fact that UWC RCN is included in this initiative. Sæter spoke about his recently published book, ‘Operatøren’, which describes the fascinating life of Knut Haugland. Haugland was a soldier and adventurer who took part in both the Heavy Water operation during the Second World War and the Kon Tiki expedition which was led by his friend, and world famous adventurer Thor Heyerdahl.

Sæter’s presentation gave staff and students a humorous, interesting and personal insight into the life of Knut Haugland, revealing him to be a modest man who participated in great, historical events without ever being boastful. The lecture was genuinely appreciated and the audience was clearly moved, rewarding Svein Sæter with enthusiastic, sustained applause. We hope to see him back soon and hope that he will return with more stimulating lectures.