On Sunday March 12th, UWC Red Cross Nordic hosted its second TEDx event and the second one ever held in Sogn og Fjordane. The organizing committee involved 12 students, with technical support coming from students on the ‘Media and Communications’ course at Hafstad Vidaregåande Skule.

The programme was divided into four sections: ‘Politically Speaking’, ‘The Future’, Lived Experiences’, ‘Perspectives’. A total of twelve speakers (seven guests and five from the campus) shared a variety of stories and ideas – including travel on earth and in space, non-violent communication and the concept of ‘Slow TV’ here in Norway. There were musical performances as part of the programme and two student groups, LEAF and SOS, provided refreshments in some of the breaks.

TEDxUWCRCN is available to view here.

Please click here to see the full programme.