Last weekend, on Saturday 17th of March, we had the Las Americas Show. Following RCN tradition all regional shows have an afternoon bazaar prior to the evening cultural show with a variety of stands at which each country is showcased through food, information and discussion. We had twenty stands representing countries ranging from Bolivia and Venezuela to the US and Cuba. At each stand you found students that came from that country and they engaged in different ways – conversations, handing out food from their home country, or telling indigenous stories.

The evening show was filled with cultural acts, such as a Central American Folklore dance, a Caribbean soca dance, and a Broadway musical act. There was singing and also a couple of comedic acts.

The day was organized by a passionate group students from Las Americas, as well as others, and was a great success. We had a day full of cultural sharing, fun and, as one student put it, “… the days like these are why I came to UWC”.