The RCN Student Council comprises Representatives from each House, ‘Aspect Workers’ who sit on the Standing Committees, a UWC RCN Board Representative, a Communications Representative and the Chair.  The Student Council (SC) holds meetings every week-end, House Reps meet each week, and the Committees meet monthly, as does the SC with the Education Management team. Student Council is clearly a demanding EAC, requiring considerable commitment to student welfare across all aspects of life at RCN. This outgoing year group has worked with many development initiatives, successfully concluding, for instance, proposals to join the Norwegian Student Youth Council, to introduce a lock system in the Houses to enhance students’ security and expand and to develop the Extra Academic programme – in the process, becoming familiar with the challenges of negotiating diverse value-laden issues and recognising the different perspectives of the many College constituents (including student, staff, management, Board, National Committees and parents, and Council).

The outgoing SC has worked hard over the course of the year and taken time, over the past month, to train the incoming SC. A barbecue was held by the Education Management Team on Sunday 19th April to thank them for their important contribution to this academic year – and we wish them the best for their exams and beyond.