Sina Tenold, a member of the ‘Knights’ Extra-academic commitment which enables participating students to have amazing experiences in the local nature, as well as going further afield, has written the following thoughts having returned from Ridderrennet – the world’s largest winter sports event for visually impaired and differently-abled athletes.

The scene at Ridderrennet

The Knights are  back on campus after a great a great experience at Ridderuka. The week ended with Ridderrennet itself where all our competitors had excellent results. Mohammed (Iraq) and Mean (Cambodia) both won events in their class. Belén (Spain) did her first ever 10 km on skis and managed to win her class at the same time! Melvin (El Salvador) improved his previous time for the 20 km race by over 2 hours and by doing that won the silver medal in his class.

The volunteers, who did a great job as hosts in the restaurant, finished their week with an amazing day in the sun, getting a tan to match their bright, orange hoodies. The group want to thank all the staff, especially Hilde, our EAC-leader, and Ben for helping with organization and making this week possible.