RCN graduate Tormod Carlsen, with fellow alumna Eli Våge, recently produced a theatre piece in Dale in which some of our second year theatre students took part. ‘Radio Fjellom’ was one of the performances in the annual Dale Theatre Festival – inspired by experiences at UWC, the director created a visual and sensory feast about
Iife in Fjaler. This was a zany and experimental production which made skillful use of stagecraft throughout. ‘Radio Fjellom’ was a wonderful opportunity for second year Theatre Studies students to contribute to a professional production – learning about rehearsals, stagecraft, performance and the time commitment required.

UWC RCN was also given complimentary tickets for all students to attend a performance of ‘The Monkey Trial’ as part of the Theatre Festival.

In mid November, a team from Bergen National Opera will be on campus to perform – in tandem with RCN students – the opera of ‘The Paper Bag Princess’. This represents another opportunity for RCN students to work with professionals on stage and backstage.