Thor Heyerdahl Jr being introduced in the auditorium

Thor Heyerdahl Jr being introduced in the auditorium

This week we have welcomed Thor Heyerdahl Jr to UWC Red Cross Nordic.

His father, Thor Heyerdahl – scientist, archaeologist, author and explorer – played a hugely significant part both as International Patron of the United World College movement and, at a later stage, in developing the concept of a United World College in Norway. We continue to be grateful for the support and energy Thor Heyerdahl committed to the establishing of our College in the fjords.

Please click here for the speech given by Thor Heyerdahl at the official opening of the College on 30th September 1995.

Thor Heyerdahl Jr, his son, has this week been visiting classes at RCN, meeting the management teams at the College and RKHR about developments on campus and projects and the Biology / E systems teachers, and has visited Flekke School. He also gave a hugely stimulating presentation, entitled ‘In and Out of my Father’s Footsteps’ to all students and the Education Staff in the auditorium – part of our commitment to the Environmental and Nordic Pillars and to educating the current generation of students about the history of the College and the UWC legacy of Thor Heyerdahl.

Please click here for a speech given by Rektor Richard Lamont (at the Nordic Association as part of the centenary celebrations of Thor Heyerdahl) about the vision of Thor Heyerdahl and the other members of the founding team of this College.

Thor Heyerdahl taught us of the possibilities of living on a raft or papyrus ship within speaking and touching distance – day and night – with ‘room only for people who could shake each other by the hand’. Following in the footsteps of Thor Heyerdahl and those responsible for the founding of the College, we continue to encourage our students and staff to contribute to society, both now and in the future, by reaching an open hand to fellow humans everywhere.