2014-10-28-Pearson03Last week, the annual UWC Heads, International Council and Boards meetings were held at Victoria and Pearson College on Vancouver Island. Many interesting discussions were held during the conference – from distinctiveness and quality to alumni impact, from admissions to post 2015 planning.

2014-10-28-Pearson02UWC Red Cross Nordic was represented by its members of the UWC International Council: Pär Stenbäck (Chair of RCN’s Council), Tove Veierød (Chair of RCN’s Board), and Richard Lamont (RCN’s Rektor). The meeting also gave our three representatives the opportunity to connect with Nordic students at Pearson College and Tony and Ann Macoun, the founding Rektor of UWC RCN and his wife. Both Tony and Ann made an extraordinary contribution in terms of vision and infrastructure to what RCN is today. Tony has recently been appointed Chair of the Pearson College Board and is delighted to be back contributing to our sister College, of which he was formerly Director. We wish him the very best in this new role and look forward, we hope, to welcoming Tony and Ann back to the College for our 20th anniversary celebration in September 2015.