‘Here is where we have students who are truly interesting and interested, staff who are really inspiring and inspired, and together we create an engaged and engaging community that actively cares and supports each other’s dreams and ambitions, for ourselves and for the world’

[student in the graduating class of 2015]

This is perhaps the finest articulation we have come across of the strength of this College and which stands at the heart of UWC RCN’s Strategy 2020 which we launched at our Jubilee on the 21st September 2015.

We are a unique college within the UWC, with our Nordic heritage and partnership with the Red Cross – and, through a nine month consultation phase, we have worked alongside all constituencies to establish a strategic plan which preserves the values, traditions and spirit that distinguish the place but, at the same time, prepares the College and the students for the demands of a new world. At the heart of the new design for the strategic plan is financial sustainability. As the College moves into its third decade, we need to lay important foundations for the future development of this College.

Our aim has, in the end, been to produce a concise and meaningful articulation of the strategic plan which we can use both internally and share with pride with external stakeholders / cooperation partners. It seeks to give a direction for how we approach the mission of making education a uniting force – development and action plans will follow to ensure the implementation of UWC RCN Strategy 2020.

Please click here for the full edition of  UWC RCN Strategy 2020.

Larry Lamont – Rektor
Arne Osland – Director of Development