Leif Høegh, Chairman of Høegh Capital Partners, kindly visited RCN on Thursday 15th March to deliver a presentation on the sustainability paradox in Norway: wealth brought by oil, mineral extraction, shipping and fish farming on the one hand and important changes required to ensure a sustainable future. He presented to a packed K2 with over 75 students and staff present.

In the Silent House

The Høegh Centre was donated by his family. More recently, the family donated 1 million NOK to launch our Foundation Year Programme at our 20th anniversary event in 2015.

As part of his visit, Leif met with students in the Silent House who had completed the Foundation Year programme and are now in our IB diploma programme. The students took the opportunity to tell him of their backgrounds, experiences at RCN and to thank him for the support they had received. He was treated to a special cup of Saharawi tea.