With the Educational Management Team

Gone fishing!

Arnett Edwards, Principal of UWC Li Po Chun, visited RCN this week as part of research he is conducting on leadership within UWC and students’ understanding and enactment of UWC mission and values.

As part of his itinerary, he met with individual members of the management team, students selected to represent Hong Kong, members of the Student Council and other student groups. He also gave a stimulating presentation on our sister College LPC and some new initiatives they are introducing.

He also took the opportunity to try fishing in the Flekke River (with some success – a mackerel and sea trout landed) and also joined in for an evening of Parafootball with students and our adult partners in Dale.

The last time Arnett was here was for the UWC International Board Meeting in February 2016 when there was lots of snow – and the Knights (with Mean as his guide) took him to Langeland for his first ever ski. Springtime in the fjords was quite a contrast!

It has been a pleasure to host him and we look forward to developing the partnership between our two Colleges.