This weekend, the UWC Asia Pacific Region Meeting took place at UWC Li Po Chun in Hong Kong – with representation from the International Office, the Colleges and Schools, and National Committees from across the region. This gave Larry, our Rektor, and Arne Osland, the Director of Development, the opportunity to forge new partnerships with representatives from the Asia Pacific region and also to present on and advertise student scholarships on RCN’s ‘Survivors of Conflict’ Programme. Prior to the meetings, Arne had used the opportunity to visit the Cambodian National Committee and other organisations in Phnom Penh for recruitment for this programme. The RCN team were also invited to meet with a Chinese student currently studying at LPC who had lost both lower legs in the Sichuan earthquake and the staff directly supporting her – and to discuss how both colleges support students with disabilities on campus and promote functional independence.

Signing the Memorandum of UnderstandingUWC Changshu China has been given final approval by the UWC International Board and is set to open in August 2015. A Memorandum of Understanding – a basis for a partnership between the two Colleges – has been drafted and approved by both College Boards and was officially signed by the Heads, Robert Clarence and Larry Lamont at LPC on Saturday 29th November. We look forward to working together in the years to come.

On the evening of Saturday 29th November, an event at a restaurant in Hong Kong Park, was held for UWC RCN alumni, parents of current students and supporters, both old and new. It was a wonderful event.