The SaFuGe team have been out and about working in the local community. After a recent project one of the members writes,

SAFUGE works in farms in the community such as the one we call the Yellow Farm just outside school. The owner is Leif Jarle Espedal for whom we have set up fences, cleared forest, cut trees and cleaned a barn. We also dismantled an old XIX century hut and discovered many treasures from the old days in the process. In the picture have been cutting trees and processing them through the grinder to make the wood into sawdust. Leif will use that to line the animal pens so they can be warm in winter. The job was dusty, hard and fun as it was very physical and we had a lovely sunny day . The job was also very UWC: environmental, active and humanitarian, as we fund projects with the money earned. And we got lovely raisin buns too!