World Environment Day picnic

Mia Chamberlain and Andreas Randøy from “Nature and Youth” visited to celebrate World Environment Day with us. Nature and Youth is the biggest youth environmental organization in Norway and part of the global Friends of Earth organisation. They work for global causes by engaging in local issues – by fighting against oil drilling in Lofoten or dumping mining waste in the Førde fjord. Mia and Andreas gave a lecture about the organisation and helped our students to form an official Nature and Youth group. Olivier (Netherlands) was elected as leader and Mirandas (China) as deputy leader of Flekke Natur og Ungdom. The group is planning to develop and carry out projects in the college and recruit local youth. Madhulika Singh, Director of Extra-Academics and Judit Dudas, sustainability Team Leader also met Mia and Andreas to talk about the possible cooperation between Nature and Youth and the College. We crowned the day with sunny a picnic on the fjordside.