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Svanøy Field Trip

2014-05-29T09:05:42+01:00May 29th, 2014|

98 students and several staff members returned last night from the two-day ecological field trip to a pearl of western Norway – the island of Svanøy. It is an island widely known for its outstanding beauty and sustainable deer  and salmon farming.  We have been lucky, privileged and thankful – since the very 1st year of RCN – for the friendliness and hospitality of the leader of the Norwegian Deer Center on Svanøy, Johan Trygve Solheim and his small but dedicated team! The objectives of the trip are to experience Western Norway’s landscapes and culture, to do some ecological and sustainability studies – and to help out with some environmental work .

For the Group 4 Science Project, the students were to imagine themselves as visitors from another planet, landing on this rocky island with the brief to explore and name all possible life forms. The 12 teams shared their discoveries in a lively and loud poster conference. The Environmental Systems and Societies students did the same but with an opposite approach: they were given instructions about the intertidal zone and about methods of sea shore investigation which they then put into practice. They also engaged in a study of sustainability of deer farming.

A successful project, with wonderful weather. Many thanks to all those involved in making it happen!

An album of facebook pictures is here.

IB Cooperation

2014-05-27T13:59:57+01:00May 27th, 2014|

A unanimous decision from the Education Committee of the Sogn & Fjordane County Assembly has given approval to the following:

The county is positive to a 3 year trial project, for 3 places annually, with IB at Dale/UWC.
The case will be finalized with the announcement of places for the school year 2015/16 and the budget 2015-18.
The condition is that the external financing of 1 million from local businesses is in place.

This is a major breakthrough for our ambition to have a stronger presence in educational activities in our near environment, made possible by good co-operation with Dale vgs, local politicians and the support of local business.

Graduation Day 2014

2014-05-29T10:45:10+01:00May 26th, 2014|

“Partir c’est mourir un peu” or, in English, “To part means to die a little”.

The end of this school year for the graduating class of 2014 was celebrated in the auditorium on Saturday, before a record attendance of visitors. The influx of parents, host families, Board members and friends of the College stretched our capacity to the full, but they all contributed to the uplifting framework and celebratory atmosphere created for the Graduation Ceremony. Many tears were shed, both from the class leaving and from their friends who will stay one more year by the shores of the bay at Haugland. In the sadness of leaving, we know that our graduates will have some very exciting years ahead of them.

Congratulations to all – and many thanks to all those who worked so hard to make the second year dinner on Friday night and the events of Graduation Day such a success.

Albums of photographs can be seen on facebook:
The Graduation Dinner & the Graduation Ceremony

The Rektor’s Speech on Graduation Day.

Graduating student, Sophia Larney’s address to her fellow graduates at the Graduation Dinner.

Partnering for Change

2018-10-16T09:33:41+01:00May 16th, 2014|

Our College was invited to take a central place at this year’s Partnership for Change Conference in Oslo, May 14th-15th and was represented by first year student Khin Kyaw (Myanmar), Kerrion Murhesa and Director of Development Arne Osland.

The first day was on democracy during conflict, with a special focus on the situation in Myanmar and Ukraine.

The second day was on “The World We Want”, where Arne gave perspectives on the role of education as a counter force to segregation and giving an insight into the methods of UWC. Kerrion spoke from the perspective of being a resident at a centre for Asylum seekers and what meeting UWC students in this context has meant for him and his peers at Bergum Mottak in Førde.