November 28, 2018

Til fjells – A walk in the hills

November 28th, 2018|

Some current students have been especially enthusiastic to experience local outdoor possibilities; this was noticeable when they woke up one Sunday morning last winter and carried skis for an hour to a nearby skiing area, to then “ski on skins” up the slopes and spend the day romping on the slopes before walking back to campus.

With sub-zero temperatures and no snow over the last week, frost structures building beautifully on campus, conditions seemed perfect for a hike up Storehesten, the big mountain seen en route to Førde. After assembling a “matpakke” in the kantine, and a 40 minute drive, five student enthusiasts and a recently-arrived South Dakotan started walking around 10:15 in sub-zero sunshine. It was surprisingly warm, the path was frozen dry and a rapid pace saw us lose the sun around the expansive North slopes, to reach the top within 2 hours. Whoops of delight for the sunny panorama on top, the open ocean and islands 40kms west, Jostedal glacier 40 kms east and, below, the village of Bygstad covered in a thick layer of white frost, permanently shielded from winter sun by the hills on the south.

With the Christmas dinner set to start at 17:00, some haste was needed, resulting in a fine “jogge-tur” over the open slopes. A rest to explore the thick ice on a frozen lake, helped cool participants. Back at the car within 90 mins of the top, the gang managed (in footwear impressively ill-suited to the task) some thin lay-away moves up a pillar placed at the parking lot. All in all, deep appreciation for frost, ice, dry rough rock, (sort-of) warming sun, vast blue skies, 360 degree views through crystal clear air, and the fun of moving over a mountain in these winter conditions.

Campus Renovation Campaign 2018

November 19th, 2018|

We are now in the last few weeks of our Campus Renovation Campaign. Of the total of 382,000 NOK donated to our Campus Renovation Campaign so far, approximately 162,000 comes from graduates of our College. We are nearly two-thirds of the way to our target of 600,000 NOK and for alumni participation we are almost halfway to our target of 250 donations.

The Leif Høegh Foundation has informed us that they will support the Renovation Work annually with 200.000 NOK for a period of 5 years. The alumni generations of 97/98 and 06/07 are jointly making a contribution in excess of 40.000 NOK. The start of the campaign nicely coincided with the announcement that we will receive extra funding from the Norwegian state for the necessary extra maintenance work coming up. This support from the state is an encouragement for others who have benefited from two formative years in Flekke to join in to the benefit of the coming generations. Every gift matters and is eligible for Davis matching which doubles the amount of any donation made.



If you would like to donate using Vipps or Paypal, click here.

Download the pdf,  to get a detailed overview of the need and costs.

Please make a contribution for the well being of the future generations of our students.

Rafto Prize 2018 – Adam Bodnar

November 12th, 2018|

45 of our students and 3 teachers attended this year’s Rafto Conference, which gave us an insight into the Human Rights situation in Europe with a particular focus on vulnerable groups, among them: women, refugees and LGBTI communities. We had a chance to learn about importance of the role of the civil society in addressing the issues often ignored or pushed to the side by governments. Marcia V.J. Kran, a member of the UN Human Rights Committee, stressed the importance of HR education, giving account to any individual case of the abuse of HR. All events over the Rafto weekend was as a great demonstration of Solidarity between the Norwegian and Polish People. As Adam Bodnar the recipient of the award said:

“I treat this award as the solidarity of citizens of the Human Rights City of Bergen not only with myself, but with all those who fight in Poland for freedom, human rights and rule of law: civil society, members of academia, judges, prosecutors, attorneys, and each and every member of the society who is concerned with the process of undemocratic changes.”

October 31, 2018

Arne Ophaug 26.10.1953 – 20.10.2018

October 31st, 2018|

It was with great sadness we received the news that Arne Ophaug had passed away after a period with cancer treatment. Many colleagues took a last farewell in the funeral at Fedje last Friday, the place where he grew up and where he and Maria now had a holiday residence. Arne had been in charge of our kitchen since we started in 1995 and from 1999 took over as Head of Services. Outside of term time, Arne was responsible for the operation of our Red Cross Summer camps for many years.  For his long and faithful service, he received a special invitation from Queen Sonja to a reception in the Palace gardens in 2016. He retired in the summer of 2017. Arne fed more than 2000 students and countless visitors. Colleagues remember him fondly for his humour and for leading by example. You could always count on Arne. Our thoughts go to Maria and the rest of the family.