April 11, 2019

IB Visual Arts Exhibition

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After two intense years of practice and creation, the 2nd years Visual Art students had their Final exhibition on Sunday the 7th of April. The community had the pleasure to walk through a transformed Hoegh and witness an exhibition full of talent, creativity, and diversity in style and mediums. A rewarding and overwhelming afternoon for the Art students as they shared their Art with their peers and teachers.

Click here for some pictures from the exhibition.

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Dignity and Dignitaries

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Prime Minister Erna Solberg with student, Chat.

This, year’s annual Mandela Lecture was given by Evelin Lindner in our auditorium March 29th, on the theme – From Humiliation to Dignity: for a Future of Solidarity. Equality in dignity was a central concept in Evelin’s address to the students, or to use a Norwegian term: Likeverd. This both resembles and is opposed to the concept of a dignitary, someone you subject yourself to. At the same time we had a group of 15 volunteers and participants at Ridderrennet, an event in the spirit of Likeverd, for joint athletic achievements and companionship. On completion of the final race, our two participants, Chat (Cambodia) and Hannah (Liberia) received their congratulations from Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Equality in dignity on and off campus.

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RCN – ‘Young Researchers’

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The organisation Unge Forskere (“Young Researchers”) run an annual competition throughout Norway, inviting applicants attending upper secondary school to submit their research projects. The IB Extended Essay format lends itself appropriately to research at this level. Of 153 projects submitted by upper secondary students nation-wide, 24 were selected as finalists, including five RCN students:

  • Liva (Latvia) – The distribution and abundance of four coastal lichen species on an island Svanøy (Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)
  • Kieren (Malaysia) – – Will nudges be effective in helping students make rational decisions when it comes to consumption habits?
  • Musonda (Zambia) – A study of the natural resource curse and the Dutch disease on the city of Chingola (microscale) and Zambia (macroscale).
  • Ossian (Finland) ) – Special economic zones as a development tool for economically Less-Developed Countries – learning from experience
  • Sona (Armenia) – Assessing the existing tobacco problem in Armenia and analyzing the effectiveness of the current and potential policies of reducing tobacco consumption in the country.

These students are invited to Oslo to meet with the other finalists, the panel of judges and professional researchers, before receiving their prize and attending a celebratory meal.

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March 27, 2019

Education Makes Visible

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Something unique about the UWC as an educational movement, is the cooperation between the Colleges and the National Committees NC. We are fortunate to have strong NCs in all Nordic countries and work closely with them to to increase the impact we have in our region.  On March 14th we co-hosted an event for new and old friends of UWC at Asia, Aker Brygge in Oslo. The focus of this Evening with Meaning was deliberate diversity.

Current students Hari and Jonathan gave a personal account about their experience, living and learning together. Alumnus Antulio Rosales from Venezuela talked about how UWC has shaped his life now as an Olso based researcher at the Centre for Development and Environmet. Chair Kristin Vinje, Harald Møller and Zoya Taylor shared why they have chosen to support UWC, each in their way. Zoya captured it with a few words:

Poverty makes invisible – Education makes visible.

For some photos from the evening, click here.

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