October 1, 2019

In Memoriam – John Lawrenson

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It is with sadness we have received the news that John Lawrenson passed away this morning.

John was our longest serving Rektor, in the period from 2002 to 2012. Together with his wife Nicky, he returned to the UK on retirement, where they have been living in the town of Stone.

John came to our College with vast experience in all parts of the UWC Education after many years of dedication at Atlantic College, in the last period as Deputy Rektor.

We got to know John as a warm educator, colleague and leader. He was passionate in his quest for the many forms of knowledge, which he readily shared.

John was reduced by illness during his last years. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go to Nicky.

A tribute here from Keith Clarke.

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Human Rights Education by the RAFTO Foundation

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2009 Rafto Prize winner Malahat Nasibova with students

Theresa Aarhus, Vilde Mørch Hobæk and Lene Mortensen from RAFTO provided HR awareness training for our students on Monday September 30th. They visited Global Politics classes and offered two sessions:

  • Democracy Cake – analyzing all ingredients of democratic society
  • Responsibility Cards – looking into social and corporate responsibility for the Human Rights abuses in DRC associated with coltan mining for the production of mobile phones and computer batteries.

All our first-year students were involved in a “Democracy Role Play” that modelled life in a mysterious country where many citizens ended up in prison or disappeared, journalists couldn’t publish freely, lawyers and doctors couldn’t perform their job.

To everyone’s surprise, the mysterious country exists, and behind the characters they played were real people. They were then able to meet the hero of the “Role Play”: Malahat Nasibova  -Azerbaijani journalist, Human Right defender and 2009 RAFTO Prize recipient.

Malahat’s message to our Students was “never give up”, always focus on what people need, share information and continue the struggle.

For an album of photographs from the day, click here.

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Vacancy – Rektor

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Rektor (Head)

UWC is a global education movement uniting people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

UWC Red Cross Nordic, established in 1995, is situated in Flekke, Fjaler Municipality 150km north of Bergen on the west coast of Norway. With a special emphasis on Nordic, environmental and humanitarian concerns, the College brings together 200 highly motivated students from all parts of the world so they can live and learn from each other. Providing a transformative holistic education through the IB Diploma, a challenging extra-academic programme and a deep commitment to service, compassion and personal responsibility, students become involved citizens whose attitudes towards understanding and tolerance are powerful catalysts for positive change.

We seek applications from talented and highly motivated school leaders who identify with UWC’s mission and relate specifically to the College’s Nordic character and values. An accomplished manager with vision, energy and empathy, you will thrive championing the College externally, engaging actively in all aspects of its life and inspiring the next phase of its development. If not a speaker of a Scandinavian language, a willingness to learn is desirable.

To download the appointment details for this role, including information on how to apply, please visit this site  quoting reference 4389.

For questions about the job, contact:
Lucy Hayes (Partner at Perret Laver), email:, telephone (mobile) 07595 099 697
Kristin Vinje (Chair), email:, telephone (mobile) 900 37 562

For a brochure with more information, click here.

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September 26, 2019

Exciting Job Opportunities at UWC RCN

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Three exciting job opportunities have arisen at the College.

Please follow this link for more information.

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