Lifting the Value of Exploration in School

2021-03-31T07:52:11+01:00March 30th, 2021|

Three of our students, Kamilla Engebretsen, Johan Reeh and Omar Ali Ahmed have been selected amongst the 20 national finalists finals for Young Researchers.  Each in their way they have used this occasion to explore a chosen issue in depth, approaching it with imagination and rigour.   The competition is an excellent occasion to lift the value of work like this, where the students often go into an area of deep personal interest while also acquiring skills of how to do this within an academic discipline. As an IB school our students are faced with many tasks that encourage in depth investigations. Both the extended essay and the guided coursework provide opportunities to learn skills associated with research by going into topics of personal interest. At UWC Red cross Nordic we emphasize both the process and the end result for these tasks. The UWC education model is based on the idea that together we form a deliberately diverse, engaged and motivated learning community who see education as a tool to unite people. This happens at the most basic level in daily life situations when our students share and learn about their personal and cultural differences. With small classes and close follow up with each student, we also strive towards enabling them to make their explorations in the subjects serve this function. Our three finalists have found ways to do this in an exemplary way.

The event can be followed online on April 23rd – via this link

These are the topics:

  • Kamilla Engebretsen –   A Study of Western Hegemony in Gender Politics.
  • Johan Reeh                 –   Angels and a Critical Dialog on Human Nature.
  • Omar Ali Ahmed        –   To what extent can a “medical-to-medical” transfer learning strategy improve the performance of a convolutional neural network for binary classification of COVID-19 CT scans?

Good luck in the final round!

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We are all interconnected – Visit by Minister Dag Inge Ulstein. 

2021-03-29T12:03:14+01:00March 26th, 2021|

The Minister of Development, Dag Inge Ulstein paid us a virtual visit today. He took part in the Geography class and followed up with a conversation with our students

Abdullah Murad Farea – Yemen, Tum Toek – Cambodia, Mabel Vo – USA and Princess Ottoo – Ghana. Minister Ulstein informed about the challenging work for providing an equitable distribution of Covid vaccines across the world, and answered questions from the class. One of the questions was about what drives Norwegian policy in this field. Mr Ulstein emphasised how we are all interconnected. If some parts of the world are still affected by the spread of virus, it is a danger to us all. Sometimes there can be a tension between self interest and the motive of helping others, but in this case there is clear common interest in securing vaccination for all – rich and poor.

Abdullah told about all the hardship he had to go through in order to get here from his war torn country Yemen. He enjoys all aspects of his stay here in Flekke, but still it is not easy to hear about the situation at home. Mabel and Tum told about their unplanned stay in Norway during the holidays. Needless to say they miss their families, but also have appreciated the opportunities provided for them by families who have opened up their homes. Rektor Hege Myhre emphasised how valuable it is for the students to engage in society – their voices will be listened to. – You are not the leaders of tomorrow, Mr Ulstein said – you are already taking a lead. We need to listen to your perspectives and hear your stories, like you listen to each other. For the College the visit shows that the Norwegian government sees the value of educating young persons with a global perspective – shaping a better future, shaping a better now.

We Run in Solidarity

2021-03-19T11:28:28+01:00March 19th, 2021|

Seeland Triathlon has given us 9200 NOK as a donation for clothing and footwear for our runners. This is a boost for an active group who has kept it up, come frost, sleet or rain. The funds will be used towards ensuring that all will have appropriate clothing and footwear, regardless of their means. Thanks a lot to Bruno Mauron for this initiative. And for the many keen runners in our network out there: We run in solidarity.


2021-02-09T12:19:33+01:00February 13th, 2021|

During the past year, four RCN students (Diva, Laura, Meg, and Ylva) have used the Changemaker Project as a platform to design and print educational posters as visual learning aids for a primary school in Liberia. As Changemaker finalists their project was fully funded by the Pollination Project – and the printed posters are currently in the process of being incorporated into the Advent Christian School in Liberia.

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