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The College has redesigned its database (w4) with an alumni forum which it hopes will provide up-to-date standard information on individuals which members of the alumni body (including former staff) can access.

Please click the button below if you would like to log onto the alumni forum.

An alumni’s username follows each student’s / former member of staff’s  UWC id (nc-year of entry – first letter of 1st name – first 3 letters of 2nd name – for example, nc12rlam). If you can’t remember or never had a password, then please click ‘reset password’ and you will be sent a new one to the email account registered in the database. If the email is incorrect then you will not receive one but will instead be sent the email address of your Year Rep who will help you. If a former member of staff, you will be sent the email address of the Development and Alumni Relations Officer who will be able to provide you with access.

Alumni Log in

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