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2014-12-04T07:44:43+01:00December 4th, 2014|

At the UWC Red Cross Nordic quarterly Board Meeting, held at the Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo, Gisle Kavli was thanked for his contribution to the development of the partnership between the College and the Norwegian Red Cross. As a Board member Gisle has given an extraordinary amount of time and energy to the partnership and we are certain that he will continue to be a champion of the education that UWC offers both within the Nordic region and beyond. We wish him well in his new role working for the diocese of Fredrikstad.

We are delighted to welcome Liv Rongland to the RCN Board as the representative of the Red Cross. She has considerable experience working for the Red Cross both in Oslo and Geneva. She is currently Leader of Section for Care and Organisational Development at the Norwegian Red Cross. Liv is excited at the prospect of serving the College and has kindly invited the students on our December Break programme to visit the Red Cross office in Oslo and to run a workshop on ‘Street Mediation’. We look forward to welcoming her to our campus in 2015.

På vårt siste styremøte i Oslo ble Gisle Kavli takket for sine bidrag som vårt styremedlem fra Norges Røde Kors og for det han har gjort for samarbeidet. Vi ønsker ham lykke til i hans nye jobb som kirkeverge i Fredrisktad.

Vi er glade for å ønske Live Rongland velkommen som ny stryerepresentant fra Norges Røde Kors. Hun kommer med erfaring fra Røde Kors både i Oslo og Geneve og er i dag seksjonsleder for omsorg og foreningsutvikling. Hun har allerede invitert studentene på desember-programmet i Oslo til en økt om gatemegling. Vi ser fram til å ta imot henne på campus i 2015.

The Summer Season

2014-08-06T11:25:02+01:00August 4th, 2014|

The summer season at UWC Red Cross Nordic has been blessed with nearly continuous sunshine, with a fjord temperature between 20 and 25 degrees! The Red Cross Holiday Camps were well attended, excellently run by Ragnhild Tveiten and her summer staff. A big thank you must go to the Red Cross in Sogn og Fjordane and our neighbouring counties for making this possible for so many participants.
The UWC English Summer Course is now in full swing, under the supervision of Peter Wilson and Madeleine Benishek – there are many new faces on campus, eager to get involved.

To the Top!

2014-06-09T06:26:05+01:00June 7th, 2014|

This year UWC Red Cross Nordic was invited to participate in the annual Red Cross event ‘Til Topps’, an ascent of Norway’s highest mountain, Galdhopiggen. Til Topps is the year’s most energetic multicultural integration event, supported by a phenomenal team of volunteers who ensured that the day ran smoothly and safely. Over 1000 people joined the event this year.

The aims of Til Topps are as follows:

  • To increase inclusion and improve health.
  • To create long-lasting networks through nature, culture and people-to-people experiences.
  • To encourage friendship and knowledge gained during the trip to continue once the hike is over.
  • To give positive attention to integration work in Norway.
  • To encourage people’s desire to take part in practical integration work in their local communities
  • To inspire people to get out and move!

Five students and two staff members left the College early on the last day of term, driving through spectacular scenery on their way to Lom, where we were based with the Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross.

The evening before the hike, participants were treated to a culture evening with delicious food and exciting entertainment, including a performance by the lively “Awesomnia”.

The big day dawned, we packed up our rucksacks and were bussed to Juvasshytta, where we registered for the hike, received harnesses for the glacier crossing, and set off! The walk was challenging, even for hardy Norwegians, but as always, the thought of reaching the top and the encouraging words and smiles of other participants and Red Cross organizers provided all the motivation we needed.

Although the top was cloud-hidden and the views of the surrounding landscape were non-existent, looking around us, we had a stunning view of happy, smiling faces and groups taking photos. The air was alive with congratulations and a shared sense of achievement.

We are very grateful to the Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross for including us in their team, giving us the opportunity to have this extraordinary experience.