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Celia Morton (RCN ’17-’19)

2020-02-24T08:00:45+01:00February 24th, 2020|

It’s been almost 9 months since I graduated from RCN, and I am now practicing what I learned. For the past 6 months I have been living in Pune, India doing my Global Citizen Year. I live with an Indian host family. I take Hindi classes and primarily work as a teacher’s assistant at a low-income English-medium public school, alongside Teach For India. This was the perfect next step after the little utopia of the Flekke bubble. Here I have had to rely on the skills which were introduced to me through roommates, cantina talks and events. I am directly experiencing the global environmental and social issues which we talked about and working with them. Not to mention living in a culture that is the opposite of what I am accustomed to. It’s not easy, but because of UWC I know that I have been able to communicate, collaborate and comprehend much better than if I had come to GCY from my Swedish high school. Thanks to this I know that I want to keep working in the social sector, especially with education!

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Appointment of new Rektor

2020-02-13T14:51:42+01:00February 13th, 2020|

We have appointed Hege Myhre as the new Rektor for the College, starting in the school year beginning August 2020. There were many well qualified applicants for the position from all over the world. After several rounds with interviews and visits to the school, we are happy to now have Hege Myhre in place. She is currently Rektor at Kongsberg International School and has extensive experience and competence within international education. She is the first woman to be appointed in a permanent position as Rektor at UWC Red Cross Nordic and also the first Norwegian. Deputy Rektor Jo Loiterton will be acting Rektor until Myhre is in place at the beginning of the next school year.

After accepting the position, Hege wrote the following:

Thank you to each and every one in the UWC RCN family for allowing me to join your forces and take part in the myriad of opportunities ahead of us!

Taking on the role of the new Rektor is both a privilege and an honour. Privilege as I know the College houses a highly diverse student and staff body, who both represent resourcefulness and excellence in multitude ways. The level of student agency and student engagement has impressed me in all my encounters with the College, as has staff dedication and motivation. It is a privilege to be asked to build on the strengths already present on campus while seeking out the next steps for development. Further, to push for distinction of the UWC mission and values, which resonate completely with my own set of beliefs, is an honour. The bold idealism expressed in the mission is not only a mere description of hope for the future, but it is a promise and a pledge that I as an educator can commit to and should always see to role-model.

On top of this, the three pillars of RCN are connecting my sincere interests with the passion for international education. Having specialized in holistic education, I am excited about the vast opportunities the collaboration with Red Cross is bringing to the table. A residential, inclusive campus is an amazing starting point in itself for holism, but the ‘Survivors of Conflict project’ is just one great example of how the Red Cross generate additional focus on humanitarian values such as compassion, tolerance and peace. I am looking forward to seeing how the students will shape and develop their personal identity in connection with their community, having the unique opportunity to get a mini sample from the world in the beautiful scenery of Flekke.

Because beautiful it is. Breathtakingly so!

The more I have travelled the world, the more I have learned to appreciate and love the natural environment and scenery of our Norwegian nature. And Flekke with its surroundings are no exception to this admiration. Outdoor life activities in variety is an important aspect of my life, which not only enable me to stay reasonable fit, but also balances levels of stress during hectic periods. Alongside this love of outdoor life and the concern for the environment which this has manifested, and making use of my understanding and experience of this together with the College community is something I am truly looking forward to.

But what I most eagerly await is to meet you all in person. Whether you are a student, staff member, board member, alumnus, member of the national committees, member of the larger UWC family, local partner of collaboration, national or international collaborator, politician, external expert, IB professional, the list could go on. But in short – I am looking forward to meeting all stakeholders to UWC RCN. Your investment and heartfelt care for the college has in unison built the legacy of the college, and so will inform my lead when we together will embark upon the strategic development of the coming period. The excitement of the possibilities coming true is beyond any description.

With all sincerity, Hege

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Campus Renovation Update

2020-02-13T14:51:13+01:00February 13th, 2020|

Students are happy to be back home in Finland House – fully renovated.  They have made this video in gratitude to everyone who has contributed to making this happen.  Next one for moving out as part of the renovation work is Norway House.

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Visit by Robert Mood

2020-02-11T11:39:50+01:00February 11th, 2020|

As part of our anniversary celebrations we received a visit by President of the Norwegian Red Cross, Robert Mood on Feb 4th – 5th. During the stay he got to learn about and experience the values-based activities that the institutions at Haugland offer in the fields of education and rehabilitation. What combines it all is a shared focus on the resourcefulness of the individual – or with the words of Kurt Hahn: “There is more in you than you think”.  In his address in the auditorium, Robert Mood emphasized what qualities the leaders of the future needs: Values, culture, collaboration and teamwork – indeed, what we are trying to nurture.

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