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August 25, 2017

Equipment for the disabled

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Trying out the equipment

Trying out the equipment

On Wednesday and Thursday, our partners at the Red Cross Haugland Rehabilitation Centre have been hosting a nation-wide conference on specialised equipment for the disabled. There have been many delegates with opportunities galore to try out different bicycles and other equipment. Staff, students, patients and others have been traversing the campus (some at great speed) on different equipment – and students on our Survivors of Conflict programme were invited to try water-skiing.

People have been having lots of fun and it is wonderful to see our partners at RKHR looking at ways to develop sport and activities for those with disabilities.

Keep up the good work.

Paper Bag Princess

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The staff on hand to offer support ...

The staff on hand to offer support …

On Sunday 20th August our very own Dan Silfwerin (Swedish and English teacher – and House Mentor of Sweden House) was invited to perform in the finale of ‘Mimi Goes Glamping’ at Åmot Operagard. This Bergen National Opera created a community opera based on the children’s story, ‘Paper Bag Princess’ / ‘Papirpose-Prinsessn’ by Robert Munsch.

There was a large contingent of UWC RCN staff and families supporting Dan at the finale of the festival.

The director John Ramster and chorus master Håkon Matti Skrede and other members of the BNO team will be here on campus at UWC Red Cross Nordic later this term working with students to prepare a special performance for Saturday 18th November. Be prepared for a fearsome dragons, a hapless prince and a cunning princess – and lots of fun on stage. Suitable for all ages!

Staff Introduction Week

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It has been Staff Introduction Week at RCN this week – this is an opportunity for staff to learn about the activities that have been happening on campus over the course of June and July, for Support and Education Staff to reconnect after the summer break, and for professional development / training and for preparation for the beginning of the academic year.

After the Red Cross run Psycho-social First Aid Course

This year’s Staff Introduction Week has featured a ‘pot luck’ dinner, induction for new staff, meetings, presentations and discussions. Professional development included training in the following areas: the advisor role, the Norwegian Work Environment, communications with a special focus on email etiquette, a Psycho-Social First Aid Course run by the Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross, and Safety Net Training.

Our training has focused on a) creating a happy and supportive work environment for staff and b) improving the student experience on campus. Staff Introduction Week focuses on working together and community building – how best to support each other as we, in turn, seek to support the students in our care.

The training finished with a staff barbecue at the Høegh.

We look forward to welcoming the students back to campus this weekend.

Reunion: ‘You are needed’*

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Founding Staff

Founding Staff

Over the past weekend, we have hosted the biennial alumni reunion on campus – and it was an absolute pleasure to welcome the graduates of 1997, 1998, 2006, 2007, other guests (and lots of children) on behalf of UWC Red Cross Nordic. This was our first double reunion with alumni who left ten years ago and those who were in the founding generations over twenty years ago.

The weekend consisted of receptions, presentations by staff and alumni, a programme of activities (from kayaking to ‘open mike’ and impact sessions) and culminated in a final dinner in the kantine for staff, summer course students, alumni and other guests.

Arne (Director of Development), Mostak (Alumni and Development Officer) and Larry (Rektor) gave a speech and presentation on current projects at the College and concrete ways that our alumni community can helpfully engage and connect with RCN. Ola, one of the Alumni Reps, spontaneously contributed to the session by challenging the year groups present to commit financially to supporting the next generations of students at RCN.

Thank you to all the members of staff – Arne, Mostak, Leonora, Jonny, Svein Peder, Kathini, Barbara, Sven, and many members of our Support Staff – who have worked tirelessly on the logistics behind a gathering of this size on campus – and to the alumni reps for their invaluable contribution to this year’s event.

Part of what sustains us here at RCN is the immeasurable impact our alumni are all making in the world at large. It was very exciting to hear from individuals about their adventures, friendships, projects and futures.

To read Larry’s address to the alumni, click here.

*Kurt Hahn