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Maintenance – Good News!

2018-10-19T06:33:15+01:00October 10th, 2018|

In the new Norwegian State Budget, for the second year running, we have been provided with an extra 3 million NOK to meet some of our needs for extraordinary maintenance for the coming 5 years.

Complementary to this, our Campus Renovation Campaign for other friends and supporters of our College, has been up for a most encouraging start.

Join in with the team – lay the foundations for coming generations of students at UWC RCN.

Campus Renovation 2018

2018-10-16T09:31:13+01:00October 2nd, 2018|

More than 20 years of wear and tear has taken its toll on the student houses, and we are now planning to refurbish them all.

The Norwegian state has provided funding for some of the costs, but they also expect that we will cover some of the costs with help from other stakeholders.

We are excited to announce that for any donation you give, we will receive a matching amount from the Davis-UWC Impact Challenge towards scholarships for students.

If you would like to donate using Vipps or Paypal, click here.

Download the pdf,  to get a detailed overview of the need and costs.

Please make a contribution for the well being of the future generations of our students.