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October 21, 2018

Campus Renovation 2018

October 21st, 2018|

More than 20 years of wear and tear has taken its toll on the student houses, and we are now planning to refurbish them all.

The Norwegian state has provided funding for some of the costs, but they also expect that we will cover some of the costs with help from other stakeholders.

We are excited to announce that for any donation you give, we will receive a matching amount from the Davis-UWC Impact Challenge towards scholarships for students.

If you would like to donate using Vipps or Paypal, click here.

Download the pdf,  to get a detailed overview of the need and costs.

Please make a contribution for the well being of the future generations of our students.


King Harald and Queen Sonja

October 20th, 2018|

On 19 October, on the occasion of their state visit to China, their Majesties King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway visited UWC Changshu China. UWC Changshu China is the only United World College school/college in the mainland of China and currently has 570 students from over 100 countries and regions. Alongside the other 16 UWC schools and colleges worldwide, UWC Changshu China is committed to UWC’s mission: to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

Queen Sonja of Norway is the patron of UWC Changshu’s sister school in Norway, UWC Red Cross Nordic. She has supported UWC Red Cross Nordic since it was founded and has visited many times. The school received Queen Sonja’s particular attention due to its provision of a world-class education to students, independent of their socio-economic background. Students are selected through UWC’s network of over 155 national committees and funded through one of the world’s most comprehensive secondary education scholarship systems.

The royal couple were warmly welcomed on their arrival by the entire school community including Mark Jiapeng Wang, founder and Chair of the Board; Yi Wang, Vice Chair of the Board; Pelham Lindfield Roberts, Principal; and current students from China, Norway and many other countries.

Queen Sonja and Mark Jiapeng Wang first met each other 20 years ago when, thanks to the generosity of Queen Sonja, Mark was awarded a scholarship to study at UWC Red Cross Nordic. After his graduation, Mark pursued his dream of founding a UWC school in the mainland of China, and this became a reality when UWC Changshu China opened in 2015. Visiting UWC Changshu gave Queen Sonja the opportunity to witness firsthand how Mark Wang’s vision to open a UWC school in his home country materialized, and the impact that her scholarship to Mark has had on the UWC movement.

During the visit to UWC Changshu China, King Harald and Queen Sonja visited the newly founded Yushan Academy. The academy is a new addition to UWC Changshu China, hosting a Center for Chinese Programmes and a Centre for Design and Innovation. They planted a tree at Yushan Academy to commemorate this historic visit before attending a short performance by the students.

In an interview with NRK TV of Norway, Queen Sonja said that she was greatly impressed by Mark Jiapeng Wang when she first met him at UWC Red Cross Nordic, and how proud she is to see what Mark had achieved in his home country.

Mark Jiapeng Wang commented on the occasion:

“It is my immense honour and privilege as the Founder and Chair of UWC Changshu China to welcome their Majesties King Harald and Queen Sonja to our College. It was during their State Visit in 1997, that Queen Sonja announced a Norwegian government-funded scholarship for a Chinese disabled student to attend Red Cross Nordic UWC. At that time, I was desperate to continue my education beyond what I had been able to learn while in hospital after being seriously injured in a plane crash. I was so excited to be selected to study in Norway and since then I have been full of gratitude for Her Majesty.

UWC transformed my life and gave me hope to provide many, many more young people with the same opportunity. When Her Majesty invited me to visit her royal castle in Oslo, I told her that I would like to build a United World College in the mainland of China. Her encouragement that day remained with me and kept me going no matter how difficult the journey became.

The UWC movement has an ambition that extends well beyond the education of individual students: it is about creating a better world. Even with so much conflict and turmoil around us, I am convinced education will be the force for a more peaceful and sustainable world.”

Frivannsliv PBL 2018

October 19th, 2018|

The group of six students and a teacher-instructor immersed themselves (literally and figuratively) in the world of The Sea during the Frivannsliv (“free living in water”) PBL. All participants had already acquired the basic skills of diving by learning to hold their breath in the pool.

The sea water was  7-10 ºC, so we had rented 7mm thick diving suits from our collaborator and friend Øyvind Kørsoen and Gokajakk in Førde. The first diving session (in our Flekke fjord) was like diving in coffee due to weeks of rain and the strong streams which had been eroding the soil particles into the fjord. Later in the week we drove to Lifjorden and were blessed with cold but very sunny weather.

First we had to do risk assessment and the first day of diving practice was mostly focused on proper use of the equipment and on bettering diving technique. It is tricky sliding into soaped diving suits and we all had to understand how to use the necessary additional equipment – such as buoys and knives. Upon entering the sea the cold water was biting our exposed faces, but after a while those faces became numb and did not hurt anymore. Adjusting the buoyancy with lead weights took time. Diving deeper and deeper by equalising the pressure in our ears was quite challenging for the beginners  but persistence yielded significant improvement. After about two hours in the water most were too cold to continue so we went out to change and warm up in that comfortable and cozy house. (Thank you Marit Risnes for the wonderful accommodation at the very edge of the fjord!). After dinner in the evening we had a projection of photos of marine creatures from Norwegian and Adriatic seas followed by a cult movie (well known to anyone who calls themselves a diver) called “The Big Blue.” Plus lots of diving talk! The sleep that night was deep and long.

On the next day there was a breakthrough; the buoyancy control and equlisation went much better, the dives were deeper and there was an abundance of living creatures for us to focus on. Some students faced the challenges of underwater photo hunting. A special thrill and inspiration for the teacher was the courage, enthusiasm and persistence of a participant who has an artificial leg, who managed to dive as well as the others in spite of their physical impairment. All in all, we returned to the College uplifted by the whole experience.

Project-based Learning Week

October 19th, 2018|

We have just had this term’s Project-Based Learning week. Many different opportunities and no shortage of choice (click on the links to see pictures from the projects): wood-fired baking, chess, hiking, sea-kayaking, biking, diving, farm work and more. All members of the different groups were involved in the planning of the activity and after completion, did an evaluation and reflection in their CAS diaries on what had been achieved and learnt.