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Lifting the Value of Exploration in School

Three of our students, Kamilla Engebretsen, Johan Reeh and Omar Ali Ahmed have been selected amongst the 20 national finalists finals for Young Researchers.  Each in their way they have used this occasion to explore a chosen issue in depth, approaching it with imagination and rigour.   The competition is an excellent occasion to lift the value of work like this, where the students [...]

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We are all interconnected – Visit by Minister Dag Inge Ulstein. 

The Minister of Development, Dag Inge Ulstein paid us a virtual visit today. He took part in the Geography class and followed up with a conversation with our students Abdullah Murad Farea - Yemen, Tum Toek - Cambodia, Mabel Vo - USA and Princess Ottoo - Ghana. Minister Ulstein informed about the challenging work for providing an equitable distribution of Covid vaccines across [...]

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We Run in Solidarity

Seeland Triathlon has given us 9200 NOK as a donation for clothing and footwear for our runners. This is a boost for an active group who has kept it up, come frost, sleet or rain. The funds will be used towards ensuring that all will have appropriate clothing and footwear, regardless of their means. Thanks a lot to Bruno Mauron for this initiative. [...]

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Dorothy Dix (RCN 1996-1998)

Making Ideals Reality: Creating Better Futures For Children In My Home Community Dorothy Dix (UWC Red Cross Nordic, 1996-1998) was born into poverty in Zimbabwe. She relied on handouts throughout her childhood but after showing potential at a local school in Zimbabwe, she was given the opportunity to study at UWC Red Cross Nordic at age 16. Speaking of her experience at UWC, [...]

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During the past year, four RCN students (Diva, Laura, Meg, and Ylva) have used the Changemaker Project as a platform to design and print educational posters as visual learning aids for a primary school in Liberia. As Changemaker finalists their project was fully funded by the Pollination Project - and the printed posters are currently in the process of being incorporated into the [...]

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Anna Sene (RCN ’18-’20)

Zooming In Leaving Norway during the pandemic left me filled with uncertainties. First, I had to go to France to get my US VISA since the border closures prevented me from going home to Senegal. With God’s grace, it was granted to me, and now, about 5 month later, I can assert that Macalester College in Saint Paul Minnesota is my new home [...]

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