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Simon Sizwe Mayson (RCN’07)

Simon Mayson and Chann de Villiers on the main stairwell in Troyeville House.(Photo: Chris Collingridge) Being awarded the scholarship to attend Red Cross United World College in 2005 blew on the changemaker fire sparking within me, and it continues to burn today. At UWC I was immersed in a microcosm of the [...]

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New Partnership Supports UWC Scholarships for Refugees

Great News from UWC International where the Collaboration with Rise will see launch of refugee camp education drive and scholarships to one of 18 international schools Schmidt Futures, co-founded by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and his wife Wendy Schmidt, along with the Rhodes Trust, today launched a new global talent program for [...]

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Welcome to a New Refurbished Sweden House!

Yet another Student House has been Refurbished. This is how it looks! As you can see our students have already taken their new quarters into possession. A huge thanks to all who worked on and contributed to improving yet another house, making it bedbug free and spacious. [...]

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Olivier Sebastiaan Roekens (RCN 2019)

After having spent most of my summer traveling around Asia visiting friends and taking some time to reflect upon my UWC experience, I started studying Liberal Arts and Sciences at Leiden University College in The Hague. Here I got involved in the UNICEF Student team, where I spend most of my time organizing different [...]

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