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Education Makes Visible

2020-03-12T10:27:50+01:00March 27th, 2019|

Something unique about the UWC as an educational movement, is the cooperation between the Colleges and the National Committees NC. We are fortunate to have strong NCs in all Nordic countries and work closely with them to to increase the impact we have in our region.  On March 14th, 2019, we co-hosted an event for new and old friends of UWC at Asia, Aker Brygge in Oslo. The focus of this Evening with Meaning was deliberate diversity.

Current students Hari and Jonathan gave a personal account about their experience, living and learning together. Alumnus Antulio Rosales from Venezuela talked about how UWC has shaped his life now as an Olso based researcher at the Centre for Development and Environmet. Chair Kristin Vinje, Harald Møller and Zoya Taylor shared why they have chosen to support UWC, each in their way. Zoya captured it with a few words:

Poverty makes invisible – Education makes visible.

For some photos from the evening, click here.

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Nordic Global Concern

2019-03-27T10:11:30+01:00March 26th, 2019|

Every term we have a special day with no normal classes, where we focus on one of our pillars: Nordic, Humanitarian and Environmental. On Friday 15th March it was time for the Nordic Global Concern, an event by the students for the students. The workshop themes ranged from youth culture to migration and use of energy in the Nordic region. The event crowned a long process of preparation for the students responsible for the day.

Special thanks to our guest speakers: Geir Kjell Andersland, Pål Nesse (the Norwegian Refugee Council) and Genet Ashebir for shedding light on humanitarian issues in the Nordic region, in a way that has relevance to all.

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Never to forget again!

2019-03-21T09:07:20+01:00March 21st, 2019|

On Tuesday evening there was a rare opportunity for students to learn about the whole process of human birthing from an experienced midwife, lecturer, former staff member. Hilary Hamper came to RCN as our first nurse, a job she had for fourteen years. Before coming to Norwa,y she has been a midwife for many years. So it became a tradition, when the reproduction, pregnancy and , development are covered in Biology to invite Hilary for an evening plenary session. Without exception, it has been a jaw-dropping presentation absorbed by undivided attention (by some non-biology students, too) – especially Hilary’s iconic sock & doll birth demo. Some explicit videos were shown, too. One thing was sure – nobody was bored, and the questions were shooting incessantly for an hour and a half. Thank you Hilary, again, for an inspiring input on the process we all went through – and forgot about.

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Psycho-social first aid course

2019-03-20T11:07:34+01:00March 20th, 2019|

This weekend we held the Psycho-social first aid course for 20 interested students. The course is a part of our Red Cross Diploma and was led by Anita Nelissen Leirvåg. It went into depth about how people react in a crisis and emergency, as well as giving knowledge of how to deal with that person. The course also lets the students talk about their experiences with crisis and how people around them have reacted, and was followed by a discussion. They also practiced what it is like to have someone not interested in listening and then the difference when they are actively listening. One lesson was that you don’t need to be an expert to help people: by just being there and talking to someone, it can help them. Beyond this, it is important to know how you can obtain further help, if needed. The course is not only about to act in big crises but also about how to act and talk with people in your daily life.

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