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Exciting Job Opportunities at UWC RCN

2019-09-26T07:29:37+01:00September 26th, 2019|

Three exciting job opportunities have arisen at the College.

Please follow this link for more information.

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Tecber Ahmed Saleh (RCN ’05-’07)

2019-09-23T06:29:02+01:00September 23rd, 2019|

The Sydney Morning Herald recently interviewed RCN alumna and Western Sahara activist Tecber Ahmed Salah.

The article begins,

When you’re from Western Sahara, small talk can be tough. There is no warming up with the weather, or polite chit-chat about your flight.

It’s straight to the heavy stuff, says Tecber Ahmed Saleh.

She is a national of a country most people don’t know exists, and which was partially annexed by its northern neighbour, Morocco, in 1975.

When Saleh meets new people, she frequently finds herself launching straight into explanations about her very identity. “We just assume everybody knows about us. We are supported by international law,” she tells me. “But whenever I am outside, when I present myself as Western Saharawi, I get, ‘What is that country? Where is it?’ Then you end up, instead of talking about yourself, you are talking about the history, the background, the geography … you are suddenly in a conflict area.”

Follow this link to read the full article.

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UWC Day – Climate of Change

2019-09-18T14:19:14+01:00September 18th, 2019|

We will be celebrating UWC Day (which falls on 21st September) on Friday 20th September 2019 with a day given over to the theme, ‘Climate of Change’.

We are asking how can we contribute to positive changes for the Environment? We will be looking at this question from a personal, social and political perspective. The entire school day will be dedicated to this.
Students will be able to work on one of these parallel topics: Land, Sea and Air. In addition, we will be creating a hands-on environmental project in which participants will contribute to shaping the event through interaction.

On the day, a visiting alumnus will guide us all along a pathway from an environmental problem, showing its several aspects, to possible solutions. We would like the participants to recognize their own personal responsibility and show them possible options for action.

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Campus Renovation Campaign 2019

2019-09-07T07:28:48+01:00September 7th, 2019|

Our Campus Renovation Campaign 2019 is now under way.

We are turning to alumni and friends to seek support for our work in enabling all our students to live, learn and thrive. Alumni will have enjoyed their time on a campus that was in good condition.
We are continually working for improvements and, for the student houses, now is the time to make comprehensive refurbishments.

The Norwegian Education Department have generously given an extra 3 Million NOK, with the aim to make this an annual grant for the period we are doing this work. We need an equal amount from alumni and friends to carry out the operation. The campaign is running from September to October 2019.

So please help the coming generations of our students to benefit from the same good standards in their daily living.

We have already received questions and feedback which we have addressed in the Information Brochure here.

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