Åge Aleksandersen, a living legend in Norwegian rock’n roll, has set up a fund for Nicaraguan musicians, “Fondo de la Mariposa”, which gives monetary help to young musicians and bands in Nicaragua to help develop their musical careers. This year the band “CulturaFolk” was awarded the grant and our first-year student Marja Siu is the vocalist of this band!

Marja on stage during the concert in Oslo to receive the award

Marja Siu joining Åge Aleksandersen on stage in Oslo to receive a grant award

She was invited to the official ceremony on September 15th and 16th at Åge Alexandsersen’s concerts in Oslo. Marja received the official prize’s diploma on stage to tremendous applause.

“The experience was overwhelming. I thank the College, Åge and his family for making this opportunity possible” was Marja’s comment on return to campus.

Congratulations from all of us, Marja!